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loads of bullcrap

final minutes before turning a year older.

tomorrow, il be different. (how?)

my 18 yrs of existence had been a blur.

i want to change the world.


something to comprehend about:

"gale, you're gonna 19 in 48 hrs, and you havent got your first kiss yet, go out and get a life!" - christina (childhood friend)


as of today err.. (night i mean.) i am here writting in the luxury of my [own] room, contemplating on how this day turned out to be the worst saturday of my 18 years of existence.

i've never been this lonely in my whole life.
pretty pathetic.

i'm a [nice] person.. how come i dont have friends?
im confident enough to say that i have FRIENDS online than [reality].


i am socially deprived.




ah yes. new lay-out.

mucho love to ospenoptemous for the wonderful lay-out.

fall is here! we get extra hour of sleep.

parental unit are out for a HALLOWEEN PARTY. (mayo pa sila, galakat lng sa mga party. bata nila di ay ari lng sa balay. kasubo gid =( haaaay.)

school is still teh shitzz man.

GOODBYE "pretty" boy.



me mutti and vatti were havin a blast while im being miserable saturday night. the perks of being socially deprived. =/

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mom's dressed as her favorite JEWISH patient and dad as her IVY POLE! :D

let me fly using a paperclip

some people are MONSTERS.

i didnt know such creature existed.

you cant fucking take those words back.

but il gladly shove it back through your mouth.
yep. we are moving.

im goin to miss this place..


Sep. 9th, 2005

Happy 48th Birthday to my daddy! x) -throws confettis around-

im treating everyone to Charlie Brown! w00t! here we come Salad Bar!

say goodbye to my $150 dollars. x(

have a nice weekend kiddies!

i love you all. <3


it's probably one of those days where a minute you thought that NOTHING could ever ruin your day but then just a blink of an eye, everything came crashing down.

ok. im exagerrating a LITTLE bit but i dont know why i feel so... DEPRESSED? SAD? i dont have any VALID EXCUSE or REASON to be sad. (do i need to have a REASON for everything?) im just trying to rationalize stuff but i just cant figure it out. grrr. and it ticks me off. -____-

now im all stressed out over nothing. yey. way to go GALE.


it really marvelled me on how things dont turn out the way you imagined them to be. so im saying goodbye to my imagination for NOW. i guess i was imagining too much. -sighs-

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yesterday started out BAD. i was frantic and axious because we were running LATE. talk about FILIPINO TIME. tsk. we got out of the house around 8:45. [We] means the WHOLE FAMILY. i really thought i was going with my sister but NO, my *beloved* MAMI and PAPi wanted to come. which translates: we dont TRUST you galey dear, so we want to ruin the show for you by tagging along. and yea, i have to pay $125 since im paying for ALL of them.

so off we went and BADLUCK strikes as my dad FORGOT what Exit to take. so they called like 3 people and NOT even ONE of them knows how to get to the RACEWAYPARK. it was freakin RIDICUCLOUS! i was cryin already for pete's sake. (id like to thank cazzy for calling me and makin me feel better somehow. <333) we FINALLY got into the right EXIT and BAM! TRAFFIC on AIRPORT RD. thousands of cars were lined up like legs of centipede. and TOM frm the WARPED PANEL called me around 10:15 because im suppose to be there by 10! we got at the actual parking lot around 10:45. walked a MILE for the main entrance and finally found TOM. and got my BACKSTAGE PASS (w/c is an armband, nothing too fancy)

making my very long story short, i met MIDORI (super awesome gal) and my backstage BUddy <3. we saw FALLOUT BOY, STARTING LINE, DROPKICK MURPHYS, MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK, SENSES FAIL, AVENGED SEVENFOLD, SAOSIN, SENSES FAIL, THE OFFSPRING and MxPx <3. and i moslty hung out by the smartpunk stage and saw GREELY ESTATES, A THORN FOR EVERY HEART, YESTERDAY's RISING, BOYS NIGHT OUT, MY AMERICAN HEART and EMERY <3 i would gladly enter the PIT for em ^-^ (unlike FALLOUTBOY and MCR where i could get stombed by 13 yr old girls. too mainstream for me.)

Midori and I met up so that we could both enter the backstage tourbuses and we were in time for lunch! we saw GErard eating and waved hi. saw lotsa GROUPIES. -_- hugged MIKE frm MxPx and made friends with a guy named LUKE who plays in a band called Seven echo ( or somethin like that).

went home around 8. all soar and burnt (it was 100 degrees. i was dehydrated.)

TODAY - we went to see SKELETON KEY. (Kate Hudson has a cute butt!) good times w/ friends!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

PENGUINS are AWESOME. me and king "having sex" in front of the penguins. <3
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

if you're too bored that you've gone this far in reading my entry, i bow down to you. the rest of pics are uploaded on my multiply. it's not done yet since im calorie-deprived which hastens the production of my ATP. wtf. i think i DONT know what im saying/typing. i'd better rest for i have another 12-hr shift tomorrow. im goin to see WANDA THE WITCH again. Dear Lord please help me!

much love,
Galey xoxo

whats up immune system?!

WARPED TOUR 05 in a few hours!!!!

im STOKED!! ^____^

need to get there an hour early before the opening of the gates to get my BACKSTAGE PASS!! OMG!

i hope il be able to sleep. i dont feel so good. my throats been hurtin the whole day.

have a Blessed Sunday everyone! <3

HATE Galore

time to make things HAPPEN.

no matter how hard i try pleasing people, i always end up disappointing them

..and MYSELF.

fuck. i WANT to get a LYPOSUCTION. i HATE my body.

PS: Lonnie wanted me to make a sign for him. enjoy bitch. love yah ^___^

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